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Nario Gohda (Commentator of Dance)

BUTOH-FU Is a Language to Open the Door to the World Latent in the Body

BUTOH-FU is a method to make you notice how to look at your body. Mysterious words of BUTOH-FU take readers down to the world of imagination in the body, a level which is deeper than that usually used for walking and talking. The time for making the body pass back and forth between the words and techniques of the BUTOH-FU is important. BUTOH-FU would not have a meaning if one just copied the techniques as an answer led from the words. It could have a counter effect. The moment he thinks he understands it, the Ýsubject” which goes back and forth between the words and techniques disappears. Todayźs dance lacks such Ýsubject.” If I said Ýprocess is dance,” I could be trapped into Ýteaching” the process itself. It is important to make one grasp the process subjectively. In order to open doors in the body in many ways, words can be means to imagine and perceive such things, and spread and fold oneźs body. Rather than just passing down Hijikataźs sense, spending time to face oneźs own life and to understand oneźs body is important. Once it is done, one can perceive how wind blows, from where light comes to the body and create all such kind of things by himself. Even choreography might be unnecessary. Hijikata was probably dreaming about it, and BUTOH-FU tried to pass that on.

Body Drawing in, Body Absorbing

Hijikata thought that a body should not be pushed forward, but be pulled back. In 1970, he said •Hangi Daitohkan.ź A roasted sacrificed body. Its surface is charcoal. The charcoal is jet black and absorbs all light. Beyond its absorbing black is a place where a viewer feels like being drawn in. That is beautiful. Whatever that absorbs is beautiful. The beauty which one has something drawing as a capacity inside the body. Charcoal having a shape and a kind of skin texture on which people gazed. Only drawing and absorbing are the great paragon of BUTOH. What is expressed is what is seen as a result, and it should not be something that a dancer tries to display. A dancer should concentrate on absorbing. There is an existence which is the material and at the same time the subject.
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